English; Grammar

Hey there! I'm just needing to check my 10 questions because I'm still lost and need assistance. Please correct me if I'm wrong and tell me why!

1) Choose the answer that identifies the participial in the sentence.
Dozens of sweating runners surged across the finish line.
a) finish
b) sweating (answer)
c) runners
d) Dozens


2) Choose the answer that identifies the participial phrase.
Nurtured by sun and rain, the garden was packed with healthy vegetables and fragrant herbs.
a) the garden was packed
b) Nurtured by sun and rain (answer)
c) and fragrant herbs
d) with healthy vegetables


3) Choose the answer that identifies the word that the participial phrase modifies.
The young prince, answering only to the king, was pursuing his own desires and waging war without end.
a) war (answer)
b) king
c) was pursuing
d) prince


4) Choose the answer that identifies the gerund in the sentence.
This evening, a recounting of the ballots cast on the closing day of the election will be starting.
a) closing
b) starting
c) recounting
d) evening (answer)


5) Choose the answer that identifies the gerund phrase.
Looking up so many words is making it hard for me to read this book.
a) Looking up so many words
b) is making (answer)
c) to read this book
d) is making it hard


6) Choose the answer that identifies the function of the gerund phrase in the sentence.
The best part of the job was cleaning up the park.
a) predicate nominative
b) object
c) object of preposition (answer)
d) direct object


7) Choose the answer that identifies the function of the gerund in the sentence.
Yes, this player has worked hard on improving her strength this season.
a) direct object
b) subject (answer)
c) predicate nominative
d) object of preposition


8) Choose the answer that identifies the infinitive in the sentence.
You should start saving up ticket money now if you are planning to go to the concert.
a) are planning (answer)
b) to go
c) should start
d) start saving


9) Choose the answer that identifies the infinitive phrase in the sentence.
Humming to life, the huge machine was preparing to cut the shapes needed for his invention.
a) needed for his invention.
b) was preparing (answer)
c) Humming to life
d) to cut the shapes needed for his invention.


10) Choose the answer that identifies the function of the infinitive phrase in the sentence.
To do well on a test requires preparation and focus.
a) adverb (answer)
b) subject
c) adjective
d) direct object

Thank you and have a great day!

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asked by Meghan
  1. 1 - yes
    2- yes
    3- no (you have misidentified the participial phrase)
    4- no
    5- no
    6- no
    7- no (in this sentence, the subject is the one working hard!)
    8- yes
    9- yes
    10- no (the verb is "requires"; what is the subject that requires preparation and focus?

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    posted by Reed

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