in 200, the population at Arlington Middle School was approximately 421 students. In 2010, the population was approximately 584 students. Find the percent of change in the population at Arlington Middle School from 2000-2010 and identify it as an increase or decrease

1 27.9% increase
2 27.9% decrease
3 38.7% increase
4 38.7% decrease

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  1. Help please!!!!

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  2. 584/421 = 1.387
    which is a 38.7 % increase

    another way
    584 - 421 = 163
    163/421 = .387 so 38.7% increase

    Both ways are actually the same but different ways of thinking about it :)

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  3. Thanks man. are you in connections acadamy?

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  4. Damon is a retired MIT professor!

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    Ms. Sue
  5. Haha i didnt know!

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  6. Oh, lol China one

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