Three people are pulling on a tree. The first person pulls with 16N at 64.0 degrees. The second person pulls with 15 N at 136 degrees. The 3rd person pulls with 12 N at 195 degrees. What is the magnitude and direction of the resultant force on the three?

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  1. What pathetic pullers!

    You do not say derees to what. I will assume to the x axis and not to north.

    x components:
    16 cos 64 + 15 cos 136 + 12 cos 195
    7.01 - 10.79 - 11.59
    = -15.3

    y components:
    16 sin 64 + 15 sin 136 + 12 sin 195
    = 21.7

    magnitude = sqrt (21.7^2 + 15.3^2)

    direction tan^-1 (21.7/-15.3) in quadrant 2 so 180 -54.8

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