find the distance covered when speed is 960 km/hr and time is 1hr 50min.

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  1. Recall that speed is distance travelled over time, or
    v = d/t

    Rearranging the formula to solve for distance,
    d = v*t

    d = (960 km/hr) * (1 hr & 50 min)

    Note that 1 hour = 60 minutes, so 50 minutes is 5/6 of an hour. Rewriting,
    d = (960) * (1 + 5/6)
    d = (960) * (11/6)
    d = ?

    Now solve for d. Units in km.
    Hope this helps~ `u`

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  2. vff

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  3. it is waste to see your answers worst fellow

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  4. find out the distance covered when speed is 960km/hours and time is 1hours 3 min

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