Social Studies

Please review the question and check my answer. Thank you tutors.

Q: What was the Reciprocity Treaty?
My answer: The Reciprocity Treaty allowed Hawaii sugar into the United States duty-free and set of rapid growth in the Island's sugar industry.

I also got my answer from a reading I was given from my teacher, and I don't want to cite it.
I am supposedly studying for an exam, but wasn't given any answers to the questions I was given and I have to find or figure it out myself, but I would want clarification from, you tutors. Thank you once again.

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  1. If you need more information about the 1875 treaty, try this:

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  2. I'm not sure if I do need more information about the 1875, is the information from my answer enough? I got the information for my answer from a reading that has already been cited from my Social Studies teacher, but I'd like to see from you or any other tutors if that's enough or I need more information. That's why I decided to check on this site. I needed to study for an hour at least ever yday until Wednesday, but I don't have all answers. I will check my answers here, is that okay tutor Reed?

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