a plane flies 1.5 hours at 110 mph on a bearing of 10°. it then turns and flies 8.5 hours at the same speed on a bearing of 100°. How far is the plane from its starting point?

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  1. A bearing is a direction you look.
    A HEADING is a direction you sail or fly.

    10 degrees heading is 10 degrees east of north
    100 degrees heading is 10 degrees south of east
    North distance = 1.5*110 cos 10 - 8.5*110 sin 10

    East distance = 1.5*110 sin 10 + 8.5*110 cos 10
    factor 110 out of all of that and add it back at the end
    n = 110 (.0012)
    e = 110 (8.63)
    d^2 = n^2+e^2 = 110 sqrt(.0012^2+8.63^2)
    = 949 miles

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