2.)"FIRST in war, first in peace and first in the hearts of his countrymen"

What does the quote by henry Lee illustrate by the phrase "first in war?"

A.)George Washington always led his troops into battle
B.)George Washington avoided military solutions whenever possible
C.)"George Washington favored military solutions over diplomacy.
D.)George Washington was a great


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  1. well, you did not finish typing D

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  2. D.)George Washington was a great commander in chief

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  3. He led the Continental Army in the Revolution. First in war! Then he was president of the Constitutional Convention and then served as president of the nation. First in peace. Beloved, so first in the hearts.

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  4. 360 ooga booga

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  5. come on down to bob tyler toyotas and buy a new toyota

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  6. im pretty sure its A

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