Draw the best Lewis structures for NO+, NO2-, NO2H, and NO3-. Based on the Lewis structures, list all of the the N-O bonds lengths in order of shortest (1) to longest (5).

N-O bond length in >>> 2
N-O double bond in NO2H >>> 1
N-O bond length in NO3- >>> 4
N-O bond length in NO2- >>> 3
N-O single bond in NO2H >>> 5

Does the order in N-O bond lengths predicted by Lewis agree with those computed in WebMO?
>>> what I answered was no, because in NO2H the bond lengths are the same

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  1. I've changed my answer for part one to
    a) N-O bond length in >>> 4

    b) N-O double bond in NO2H >>> 1

    c) N-O bond length in NO3- >>> 2

    d) N-O bond length in NO2- >>> 3

    e) N-O single bond in NO2H >>> 5

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