The lengths of the sides of a triangle are 3x, 5x – 12, and x + 20. Find the value of x so that the triangle is isosceles.

Can somebody show me a step-by-step process of how to get the answer(s) please? I need it:) I also saw that x could = 8, 10, and 6. Is this true? How so? Thanks!

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  1. Depends which are the two equal sides

    case1: 5x - 12 = 3x
    2x = 12
    x = 6
    then the sides are 18, 18 and 26

    case2: 3x = x+20
    2x = 20
    x = 10
    then the sides are 30, 30 and 38

    case3: 5x-12 = x+20
    4x = 32
    x = 8
    then the sides are 24, 28 and 28

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  2. I don't understand how this problem can have three different answers. These were the answers i go and i don't see anything else that could relate any of the angles together. So would all of them be correct or just one??

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  3. Any two side are equal in isoscles triangle

    for those still there looking for it

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  4. The lengths of the sides of a triangle are






    Find the value of x so that the triangle is isosceles.

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  5. That is Mrs.LG

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  6. I’m confused, Is their one singular answer or is it the multiple answers? I got x=8, x=10, & x=6 but i don't know which one to use. Plus we don't have enough information to assume which sides are the congruent ones, so do I put all three of these as the answer?

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  7. all the answers are making me even more confused

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  8. i have her too lol

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