A drone capable of flying north at a speed of 4.0 m/s in still air is attempting to fly across a field 120 m wide. There is a wind blowing at 5.0 m/s [E].

a) Find the drone's velocity relative to the ground.

b) Find the time it takes the drone to cross the field.

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  1. I cant tell if ur srs or not? This seems like some taliban stuff

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  2. X = 5m/s. = Vw.
    Y = 4 m/s = Vd.

    a. Tan A = Y/X = 4/5 = 0.8, A = 38.7o. N. of E. = 51.3o E. of N.
    Vr = X/Cos A=5/Cos38.7=6.4 m/s[38.7o] = Resultant drone velocity.

    b. d = 120/sin38.7 = 192 m. To cross the

    V*t = 192, 4*t = 192, t = 48 s.

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