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For our "Colon" (:) assignment, my teacher asked us to create a compound sentence that makes a general statement and follows with specific details/ create expectations and fulfills it. But How do you do that using Colons?.. A simple example would help me out. Much appreciated.

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  1. http://grammar.ccc.commnet.edu/grammar/marks/colon.htm

  2. Can someone break this down because these examples are not helpful

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  3. From the above site:

    "Use a colon [ : ] before a list or an explanation that is preceded by a clause that can stand by itself. Think of the colon as a gate, inviting one to go on:

    There is only one thing left to do now: confess while you still have time.
    The charter review committee now includes the following people:
    the mayor
    the chief of police
    the fire chief
    the chair of the town council"

  4. I understand using colons when having a list, but I think my teacher is saying to combine 2 Compound Sentences using a colon but the sentences are general statements and follows with specific details or creates expectations and fulfills it. Idk of an example that would be best as far as 2 compound sentences and the following things asked of my teacher.. thankyou for the list but I get that part

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  5. Compound sentences are joined by semi-colons, not colons.

    My brother likes living at the lake; I prefer to live in town.


  6. Then it doesn't make sense if my teacher is saying to "Create compound sentences that make a general statement and follows with specific details/ create expectation and fulfill it."

    Of course compound sentences are joined by a Semi-Colon

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  7. Sorry to be confusing. I apologize; however, my teacher is a top notch teacher but this still doesn't make sense

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  8. This site clarifies this question.


    Please check with your teacher to see if there's a communication problem.

  9. Alright. Thankyou so much for the best possible help. I'll be sure to do that.

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  10. You're very welcome.

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