Write an algorithm for a program that accepts a set of numbers
and finds the smallest among them and computes the sum of
the numbers accepted. The program stops when the user
enters number 999. Convert the algorithm into flowchart

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  1. as the numbers are accepted, keep track of the smallest. That way there is no need to do a sort later on.

    read least
    WHILE val ne 999 DO
      read val
      sum += val
      least = val if val < least
    print least,sum

    Of course, an array must be used if the list of numbers needs to be retained for some reason.

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  2. rats. The above loop will include the terminating 999 in the sum. It is a simple change to stop before including it.

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  3. please answer this

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  4. an algorithm in pseudo-code that accept 10 students marks and output average mark

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  5. Design an algorithm that keeps reading positive numbers until the user enters a zero value, and determines and outputs the largest number

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