NASA lost contact with Pioneer 10 on January 22, 2003. How far in meters was it from the sun on that date? Pioneer 10 was traveling at 12.24 km/s relative to the sun. Calculate the position of Pioneer 10 as of January 2009 relative to the sun. Pioneer is headed toward the star Aldebaran in the constellation Taurus. Find the distance from the sun to Aldebaran in meters; make a logarithmic scale; and plot the positions of Aldebaran, Pioneer 10 as of January 2003, and Pioneer 10 as of January 2009. At 12.24 km/s, how many years will it take Pioneer 10 to reach Aldebaran?

I found the information that the Pioneer was last spotted 12.3 billion km from Earth; Earth is about 92.96 million mines from the Sun, so does this make Pioneer about 13.22 billion miles away from the sun on 1/22/03? I don't know how to do the rest...

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