The value of 4x^3-x/(2x+1)(6x-3)
when x=9999

If 7 men working 7 hrs a day for each of 7 days produce 7 units of work, then the units of work produced by 5 men working 5 hrs a day for each of 5 days is?

Pls help***

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  1. assuming you mean
    = (x(2x-1)(2x+1))/(3(2x+1)(2x-1))
    = x/3
    = 3333

    7 men for 7 hrs for 1 day = 1 work unit
    7 men for 1 hr for 1 day = 1/7 wu
    1 man for 1 hour for 1 day = 1/49 wu

    5men * 5hrs * 5days = 125/49 wu

    or, just do the ratios in-line
    (5/7)(5/7)(5/7)=(5/7)^3*(7) = 125/49

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  2. Thnx

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