Algebra(please check my answers)

**Choose the Vocab word that best fits the given sentences**
~Word Bank~
C)vertical line test
E)negative correlation
H)linear equation
1. The tilt slant of a line is its______
~ A;Slope
2. To determine whether the graph shows shows a function, use the__________
~ C;Vertical Line Test
3. On a scatter plot, when one set of values increases while the other decreases, the data is said to have a____________
~ E;Negative Correlation
4. When each member of a relation's domain id paired with exactly one member of the range, the relation is a_________
~ D;Function
5. Any equation whose graph is a line is a___________
~ H;Linear Equation
6. The first coordinates in a set of ordered pairs is the_________of a relation.
~ B;Domain
7. The second coordinates in a set of ordered pairs is the________of the relation.
~ G;Range
8. An ordered pair that makes an equation a true statement is a__________
of the equation.
~ F;Solution

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  1. correct again

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  2. Thanks :3

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  3. As killing as
    As deceitful as the
    As peaceful as
    As noiseless as a
    As hard as
    As common as
    As alone as a
    As invisible as
    As strange as a
    As light as a
    As difficult as a
    As sour as
    As gloomy as
    As smooth as
    As uncontrollable as the
    As violent as a
    As silent as the
    As round as a
    As shapeless as an
    As industrious as an
    As tricky as an

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  4. wtf

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