1. When calcium diffuse into the cytosol, it binds to________. This complex is involved in the production of nitric oxide (no) the activating the enzyme ________. Similar to cAMP, the second cGMP is produced by the enzyme ______________. Eventulally, striated and smooth muscle tissue __________.

a. calipain, calmodulin(CaM), guanylye cyclase (GC), dilate
b. calmodulin(CaM), nitric oxide synthase(NOS,)guanylye cyclase (GC), dilate
c. calmodulin(CaM),nitric oxide synthase(NOS,)guanylye cyclase (GC), constricted
d. PKC, oxide synthase(NOS), adenylyl cyclase (AC)

I think the right answer is b, not sure please check

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asked by Tamara

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