A student is trying to identify the different forms of energy described in the following chart:
Form of Energy
Energy A
energy that travels in waves through space
radio waves
Energy B
energy that depends on the height of an object
a person at the top of a mountain
a book lifted above ground
Energy C
vibration or disturbance of matter through waves
vibrations from vocal chords
vibrations from stereo speakers
Energy D
potential and kinetic energy are the basic types
describes how much work an object can do
a speeding car
a pebble sitting at the top of a mountain

A. energy A: gravitational energy
energy B: chemical energy

B. energy A: nuclear energy
energy B: electrical energy

C. energy A: electromagnetic energy
energy B: sound energy

D. energy A: mechanical energy
energy B: thermal energy

my answer is A can you please check

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  1. I'm not sure what you are trying to answer. Are you figuring out what type of energy Energy A and Energy B are?

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  2. yes niki can you please help me

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  3. Energy A would not be gravitational energy.. it would be electromagnetic

    Energy B would not be would be gravitational potential

    but I don't see that as an answer choice,hmm

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  4. energy A radio waves travel through space and light and i think that is electromagnetic property
    Potential energy that depends on height is called gravitational potential energy

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  5. Energy C is sound

    Energy D is mechanical

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  6. Thank you so much niki , and everyone

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  7. The answer to this question is D,
    Energy A is mechanical energy.
    Energy B is thermal energy.

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  8. The Answer is D
    Energy A: mechanical energy
    Energy B: Thermal Energy

    Just took the test.

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  9. i’ll pass yoda

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  10. What is wrong with you?

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  11. fyfigt78gigfu8tiy

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  12. But it's multiple choice.

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  13. I have this question on a test and the want to know which one is electromagnetic. PLEASE HELP LAST TEST BEFORE COLLEGE AND I NEED TO GET IT RIGHT!!!!!!!!!

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