The table shows the relationship between the number of players on a team and the minutes each player gets to play

Players Minutes
7 35
8 30
9 25
10 20

Is the relationship a function that is decreasing or increasing; is the relationship a functions that is linear or nonlinear

increasing linear
increasing nonlinear
decreasing linear*****
decreasing nonlinear

I am guessing please help. How do I tell if it is increasing/decreasing and linear/nonlinear

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  1. huh? You cannot look at the numbers

    35 30 25 20

    and tell that they are decreasing? You evidently can, since your choice is correct.

    Also, since the changes in Players are evenly spaced, and so are the changes in Minutes, the function is linear.

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  2. Thank you

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  3. Steve be nice you asked the same question down below, so obviously you need help with the same thing. Stop being a .

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  5. but what be de answer?

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  6. Do you have answer for connex

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