English someone please help!!!!!!!

Cross out any prepositional phrases. Underline subject once and the verb or verb phrase twice.
1.) The children may not play outside the house during a storm.
Verb: may, play
Subject: children
Phrase: outside the house during the storm
2.) You must not drive through the tunnel without bright headlights.
Verb: must, drive through
Subject: you
Phrase: the tunnel without bright headlights
3.) Some cars haven't been sold at the auction.
Verb: have, been sold
Subject: cars
Phrase: at the auction
4.) the doctor didn't write a prescription for her patient.
Verb: did, write
Phrase: for her patient
Subject: Doctor
5.) From my point of view, you don't deserve a prize for that.
Verb: do, deserve
Phrase: from my point of view, a prize for that
Subject: you
Do not cross out an infinitive
6.) The cheerleader ran to catch the bus for the game.
Verb: ran
Subject: cheerleader
Phrase: the bus for the game
7.) His uncle pretended to twist his arm.
Verb: pretended
Phrase: his arm
Subject: uncle
8.) Before the game the specters rose to sing the national anthem.
Verb: rose
Subject: specters
Phrase: before the game
9.) During the parade the marcher stopped to rest for a moment.
Verb: stopped
Subject: marcher
Phrase: during the parade, for a moment
10.) For an hour, the customers waited for dinner.
Verb: waited
Subject: customers
Phrase: for an hour
11.) A few of the guests at the wedding wanted to dance with the bride.
Verb: wanted
Subject: guests
Phrase: at the wedding, with the bride
Please someone check my answers, I really care about my grade, so please help me by checking my answers and please tell me what's wrong with my answer.

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  1. 1) is two prepositional phrases, beginning "outside" and "during".
    2) "you" is the subject. You are wrong about the verb and phrases.
    3) correct. The verb phrase is "haven't been sold".
    4) correct.
    5) "a prize" is not part of the prepositional phrase. 'for" is the preposition. What part of speech is "a prize"?
    6) Verb and subject are correct. What are the prepositions? There are two.
    7) Verb and subject are correct. Again, what is the preposition. "his arm" contains no preposition at all.
    8) I believe the subject is the "spectators". A "specter" is a ghost. Your verb phrase is incorrect. The prepositional phrase is correct.
    9) subject and verb are correct. There are three prepositional phrases.
    10) There's another prepositional phrase here. Subject and verb are correct.
    11) There is a third prepositional phrase in this sentence. You're good with subject and verb.

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