Mr. Niles has a box of accessories for clarinets. He has a total of 42 objects. He has 12 mouthpieces. He has four times as many reeds as neck straps. How many of each object does he have? I tried so hard but I just didn't understand it and I am in fifth grade. Please answer me as soon as you can Thank you!!!

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  1. 42 objects - 12 mouthpieces
    = 30 objects left consisting of reeds and neckstraps

    4 times as many reeds as neckstraps
    think of it as 5 groups, 4 are reeds and 1 of nexkstraps

    so divide 30 by 5 to get 6 per part.

    4 of those parts = 24
    1 of the parts = 6

    so reeds = 24
    neckstraps is 6
    mouthpieces = 12

    Check to make sure my answer fits all the conditions. It does.

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  2. Yat

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  3. g=6

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