Can someone please check my work??

16. The bigger the number the slope is in the equation, what do you notice happens to the graph?
When the slope, m, gets bigger the line will become steeper.
My Answer~~
As the slope, m, gets bigger the line gets steeper

17.What common characteristic do you notice about graphs with a positive slope? Is there a similar common characteristic for graphs with negative slopes?
My Answer~~
When ‘m’ is positive the line slopes up to the right and when ‘m’ is negative the line slopes down.

18. What would the slope of the graph that goes through the two points (-3, 4) and (2, 4) be? What would this graph look like? Think back to lesson 10, What should the equation of this line be?
My Answer~~
The slope for (-3, 4) and (2, 4) would be
M= (4-4)/(2- -3)=0/5
M=0/5 = 0
4 = (0/5)*2 + b
equation would be y=4

19.What would the y-intercept of the equation y = 3/4x be?
My Answer~~
So the intercept is 0. y = 3/4 of 0 = 0. So the line goes through the point (0,0)

20. When we have zero on the bottom of the slope, we call that no slope because of the rule that zero can never be in the denominator of a fraction. An example of this would be a line that goes through the points (2, -3) and (2, 4). If you plotted these points, what would this graph look like? What should this equation be?

My Answer~~
(2, -3) and (2, 4).
slope is undefined
so the line would look like a vertical line

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  1. all correct.
    good work.

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  2. Ok, thank you soo much!!!

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