1. Part I of "Alone" can best be identified as an example of a (1 point)
lyric poem.
narrative poem.
2. Which of the following lines from "Alone" best supports the author's epiphany regarding the human
condition? (1 point)
"...I pulled at the wheel
in a transparent terror that floated like egg white."
"You could almost pause
and breathe out for a while
before being crushed."
"there are people who are born, live and die
in a perpetual crowd."
"I must be alone
ten minutes in the morning
and ten minutes in the evening."
3. Which of the following sentences best expresses the connection between Part I and Part II of the
poem "Alone"? (1 point)
The speaker understands what it feels like to experience a deep and overwhelming sense
of fear.
The speaker contemplates how his views have changed as a result of having come so
close to dying.
The speaker expresses relief and gratitude at having been rescued from a horrific car
The speaker realizes the importance of solitude and his desire to find a peaceful place
away from others.
4. All of the following lines from "Alone" contain examples of alliteration except (1 point)
“like a boy in a playground surrounded by enemies.”
“and scuttled smartly right over the road.”
“Then ­ stillness. I sat back in my seat­belt.”
“Face coated with clay.”
5. "The Nobel Prize" can be identified as an example of a (1 point)
lyric poem.
narrative poem.
6. Which of the following lines from "The Nobel Prize" best supports the theme of resignation?
(1 point)
"I've fallen like a beast in a snare:"
"My way is cut off on all sides:"
"Let what may, come; all's one to me."
"I trust the time shall come to be"
Read the following lines from "The Nobel Prize."
Is there some ill I have committed?
Am I a murderer, a miscreant?
For I have made the whole world weep
Over the beauty of my land.
7. All of the following words could be used to describe the speaker's tone except (1 point)
8. Which of the following lines from the poem "The First Frost" best supports the fragile image of the
girl? (1 point)
"A girl is freezing in a telephone booth"
"her face stained by tears"
"She breathes on her thin little fingers"
"She has to beat her way back alone"
Read the following line from "First Frost."
"The first frost of telephone phrases."
9. The images in this line suggest that the girl has most likely (1 point)
been overcome by a loving payphone exchange.
heard cold words of rejection from her boyfriend.
shared an embrace with her boyfriend to fight the cold.
been frozen out after attempting to use the wrong number.
For question 10, classify the sentence.
10. The house is disorganized, but it’s not dirty. (1 point)

Can someone please help?!

asked by dea
  1. How would you like us to help you?

    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. yes please!

    posted by dea
  3. How???

    posted by Ms. Sue
  4. help me get the answers bc i have a deadline

    posted by dea
  5. please??!

    posted by dea
  6. I'll be glad to explain the answers you don't understand. Which questions confuse you?

    I assume you've already done all of the assigned readings for this test.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  7. I need explanation for all of them

    posted by dea
  8. 1 through 4 --
    Who is the author of "Alone?"
    Do you know the definitions of ballad,
    sonnet, lyric poem, narrative poem, and alliteration?

    5 through 7 --
    Who is the author of "The Nobel Prize"?
    Do you know what resignation means?

    8 and 9 --
    Who is the author of the "First Frost"?


    posted by Ms. Sue
  9. What was the answers?

    posted by Ben
  10. What where the answers

    posted by D
  11. 1.A life
    2.D seconds
    3.D a post
    4.A crowd
    5.D lining up
    6.B wood
    7.D one
    8.D weep
    9.A murder
    10.A good
    11.C coat
    12.B fingers
    13.D tears
    14,B cold words on the phone
    15.A winter
    16.B compound

    posted by monte
  12. The answers are as follows:
    1) D
    2) C
    3) B
    4) A
    5) C
    6) C
    7) D
    8) C
    9) B
    10) B

    posted by Parrot
  13. ^^^ Parrot's answers are correct

    posted by Someone
  14. Someone is right! He or she is correct on the answers. I got a 10/10 100%!!!

    posted by Someone2
  15. discord.gg/JrV2BWx



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