Social Studies

Which of the following statements would describe a strength of the Articles of Confederation?

A. The Confederation Congress could pass taxes.

B. The federal court system handled all judicial matters.

C. Any law passed by the Confederation Congress would override state laws.***

D. Abuse of central power was controlled through the lack of an executive branch.

asked by Amber
  1. No, it's not C.

    posted by Reed
  2. I researched more and found the answer its not C thanks :)

    posted by Amber
  3. Good for you! And you're welcome.

    posted by Reed
  4. So wats the answer

    posted by KK

    posted by IDK
  6. Answers to the practice

    2- C,D
    Hope this helps ;)

    posted by Connections
  7. Connections:

    posted by Thank
  8. thx

    posted by Anonymous
  9. Connections is 100% correct

    posted by Sparkinthedark
  10. thx connections

    posted by someone
  11. I'm scared to test if she\he is correct, it could cost my grade

    posted by Utsukushii

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