us history

which of the following is the most important political result of the election of 1800?

A)it proved that the nations who thought the united states would not last were right.

b)it proved that unpopular law and actions could get a sitting president reelected.

C)it showed that Adams and Jefferson could still be friends even though they were bitter political enemies.

D)it demonstrated that the ideas in the u.s constitution were stronger than the ideas of a political party**

please help! thanks

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asked by Ana
  1. Right.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. D

    I got a 100%

    posted by DD
  3. Nu uh, that must have been another test. @ DD

    I took this one and my answers were:

    C, A, B, D, D. And I got 100%
    Urs must've been a different quiz-
    If you kids are in Unit 4 Lesson 3
    then I assure you young ones that my answers are right.
    DD, which quiz were you taking?

    posted by Kinoko

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