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1. What is/are the main factor(s) that determine(s) that your plants will grow into bean plants (or other fast-growing plants that you used for your experiment) and not some other type of plant (genetics, environment, or both)? Explain your answer.

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  1. is my answer correct ?
    Both genetics and the environment contribute to the height of a plant. Plants attain their traits from their parents like humans. A plants offspring comes from somewhere, and that somewhere is the parent plant. The parent plant then has traits it transfers off to its offspring.
    When it comes to genes they can be dominant or recessive, dominant genes are expressed in the phenotype. A phenotype is a trait you can observe, for example blue eyes. Recessive genes stay in the genotype. A genotype is what makes the trait, the information within a gene. Genotype is determined by the makeup of alleles, genotype is the information contained within two alleles. Alleles determine the hereditary characteristics. However, if both parents contain the same alleles for a recessive gene it can be expressed. Also evolution can make plants grow taller if thatÕs what is fit for the plant to survive. Plants that have evolved to be in a specific environment thrive in such atmosphere. If itÕs ideal for a plant to have a long stem in a certain environment then those long stemmed plants will become more common.
    Now how does environment comes into play? Some environmental factors can be temperature, supply of mineral nutrients, and moisture supply. The temperature of where a plan resides can effect transpiration (loss of water), photosynthesis, and more.
    Therefore both genetics and environment can impact the height of a plant.

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  2. Your answer is correct

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  3. None your bizness

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  4. yes

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  5. is that for all three of the questions for the porfoilio

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