A sum of money is divided among three persons, X,Y and z in the ratio of 10:7:5. if Y gets $14 more then Z, how much X will get and what is the total sum of money?

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  1. x/y = 10/7
    y/z = 7/5
    y = z+14

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  2. >10 + 7 + 5 = 22
    thus there are 22 shares.
    let A be the total money.
    > X = (10/22)A
    > Y = (7/22)A
    > Z = (5/22)A
    Given That:
    > Y = Z + 14
    > (7/22)A = (5/22)A + 14
    > (7/22)A - (5/22)A = 14
    > (2/22)A = 14
    > A = (22/2)14
    > A = 154
    total amount is $154.00
    > X = (10/22)A
    > X = (10/22)(154)
    > X = 70
    X gets $70.00

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