Machines and humans?

What are some conflicts between humans and machines that have arisen in the past?

So I already said that machines can put humans out of work- but any other ideas? any sites I could read up on something like this?

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  1. Automobiles can crash and injure and kill people.
    Ships can be sunk.
    Poorly constructed or maintained machinery can harm the workers.
    The telegraph put the pony express out of business.
    Many factories pollute the water and air.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Also you could add this: Many people, in the past, have lost their jobs due to the increase of using machines. They lost their jobs because machines could do them much faster and in better quality, and companies would no longer need to pay anybody to do the work.

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  3. You also can add that we humans can kill and do other dune stuff. But machines can do smart stuff.

    I think so.

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  4. thank you 2 years later :)

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  5. thank you 3years later

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  6. Thank you 4 years later :)

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  7. Thank you 4 years later :)

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  8. Ms. sue all of those are caused by man

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  9. Am i 5 years late???? cause i wanna be xD

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