School is 2 miles from home along a straight road. The table shows your distance from home as you walk home at a constant rate.

Time(mins): 10-20-30

1)Is the relationship in the table
2)Find your distance from school fro each time in the table
3)Write an equation representing the relationship between the distance from school and time walking.

**I hope the table makes sense, it's 10 mins for 1.5 miles, 20 mins for 1 mile, 30 mins for .5 mile.

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  1. (1) no
    (3) starting at (10,1.5), d decreases by .5 every 10 minutes
    d = 1.5 - 0.5((t-10)/10)
    = 3/2 - (t/10 - 1)/2
    = 3/2 - t/20 + 1/2
    = 2 - t/20
    or, if you like decimals, d = 2.0 - 0.05t

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  2. why didnt you answer number 2

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  3. what does t mean

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  4. For the answer to part 2, (B) It is .5 / 1 / 1.5 / The problem states you are 2 miles from home so just subtract the dist from home on all of them

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