Louisiana History

1. Which was not a reason for the King of Spain to be cautious when siding with rebelling British colonists?
A) The colonists were rebelling against a monarch
B) Spain could acquire more land in the New World.
C) The British colonists were not well-funded and not as powerful as Great Britain.
D) The British colonists did not want to promise to stay east of the Allegheny Mountains.

2. What was Bernardo de Galvez protecting when he entered the American Revolution with troops to support the British colonists?
A) the Louisiana border with Texas
B) Baton Rouge
C) New Orleans
D) the northern Mississippi River

3. What was the first British fort captured by the Spanish in the American Revolution?
A) Fort Bute
B) Fort George
C) Fort New Richmond
D) Fort Panmure

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asked by Jessica
  1. Someone will check your answers.

  2. D, B, A???

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    posted by Jessica
  3. 3 is right. I believe the first two are wrong. Check your text.

  4. C, A??

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    posted by Jessica
  5. 2 is now right.

    You're on your own now for the first answer. I've checked two of your answers for that question.

  6. The answer to #2 is actually C.

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    posted by Skyler
  7. The answers are B,C, and A. I just took the lesson.

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    posted by MIW
  8. Yep, its B, C and A, good job MIW!

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    posted by Billy

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