A rifle is aimed horizontally at a target 50 m away. The bullet hits the target 2.4 cm below the aim point.
Part A

What was the bullet's flight time? Neglect the air resistance
Part B

What was the bullet's speed as it left the barrel?

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  1. In the absence of air resistance we can split the movement of the bullet into the vertical and horizontal components.

    The former is a free-fall.
    Using the kinematics equation below, we can solve for the time it takes to free-fall through 2.4 cm:
    v0=initial (vertical) velocity = 0
    a=acceleration due to gravity=-9.81 m/s^2
    s=-0.024 m
    solve for t to get
    t=sqrt(2*0.024/9.81)=0.07 s

    If the bullet covered 50m in 0.07s, you can calculate the bullet's muzzle speed, in m/s.

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