English 11

Check my answers please!

1. Which of the following statements about American Romanticism is nottrue? (1 point)
Romanticism in American literature stemmed from Romanticism in British literature.***
Romanticism valued imagination and emotion over reason and intellect.
Gothic short stories are a subgenre of American Romanticism.
Love is the primary theme in the literature of American Romanticism.

2. Transcendentalism, a subgenre of American Romanticism, was based in which of the following beliefs?
(1 point)
the natural and spiritual world are connected
reason separates man from the animals
the needs of society are greater than the needs of the individual
American values should align with Greek and Roman values****

3. Which of the following authors was not part of the American Romanticism movement? (1 point)
Washington Irving
Edgar Allan Poe***
Nathaniel Hawthorne
William Wordsworth

4. The term subgenre describes a (1 point)
broad category of texts.
genre within a genre.
text that cannot be put into a genre.***
text that encompasses a mixture of genres.

Which of the words in the following sentence should be capitalized?

5. Who was the first roman catholic president of the united states? (1 point)
Who; Catholic; United; States
Who; Roman; Catholic; President; United; States
Who; Roman; Catholic; United; States***

Who; Roman; President; United; States

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  1. Correct answers
    1. D
    2. A
    3. D
    4. B
    5. C
    Thanks for the help. *sarcasm* 100%

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  2. One through four are wrong. 5 is correct.

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  3. I answered as fast as I could! It helps to study before you take the quiz. At least you should have known that Wordsworth was British, not American, and that Poe was American.

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  4. Wow -- talk about the inability to read and follow directions! See the Post a New Question screen:

    Homework Posting Tips
    Please be patient. All tutors are volunteers, and sometimes a tutor may not be immediately available. Please be patient while waiting for a response to your question.

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  5. The historical and social changes brought about the need

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  6. Reed is completely correct

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  7. 1. D -
    Love is the primary theme in the literature of American romanticism.

    2. A -
    The natural and spiritual worlds are connected.

    3. D -
    a story of a tormented ghost,set in an old and dark church building

    4. B -

    5. B -
    genre within a genre

    6.C -Who;Roman;Catholic;President;United;States

    Let took the Lesson 1 Unit 2 (American Romanticism) Quick Check these answer are 100% correct hope this helps anyone who needs it 💕😉

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  8. 1. D
    2. A
    3. D
    4. B
    5. C

    100% correct

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  9. dhgames is 100%

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  10. dhgames is trustworthy

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  11. yup

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  12. thank you

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  13. yes

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