Keyboarding and Wording processing?

18. To start keying a new page of a document before the current page is filled, you can insert a page break by

A. hitting the End key.
B. pressing Enter until you insert a soft page break.
C. pressing CTRL + Enter.
D. changing the bottom margin.

Would it help us if we knew the software (the program) you were using? Microsoft word? Word Perfect? Other? If you don't want to wait on an answer, you might try loading the program, then try each of the "answers" and see which works!

I don't know how you do it, but for Microsoft Office word processing, first I place my cursor where I want the break to occur. Then I go to Insert>Break>Page Break.

That does it for me.

However, you can also press Enter/Return until you reach a new page. However, if you insert more text later on the first page, it will push the text on the second page down to maintain the same spacing.

I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

In MS Word, it's C.

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asked by missi

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