A fire fighter is trying to shoot water straight to the window located at the second floor of a
house 6 m above the ground. The distance between the fire fighter and the house is 8 m and he
holds the fire hose 1.8 m above the ground. The water leaves the hose with a constant speed of
12.5 m/s. Initially, the fire fighter aims the hose at 53 ̊above the horizontal and misses the
window. (we can assume that the hose and the window are in the same vertical plane)
a. How much time it will take for the water flow to reach the house?
b. How far above the window does the water go?
c. What is the magnitude of the velocity of water when it strikes the house?
d. What must be the minimum angle and speed of the flow in order to get water
right into the window?

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