8th Grade Honors History

2. A piece of decorated pottery from the Woodland Era is considered (1 point)
a fossil
an artifact.**
a hieroglyph.
a chert
8. During which period of time was the first pottery made? (1 point)
Archaic period**
Mississippian period
Paleo period
Woodland period
10. Why were rituals an important part of American Indian religion? (1 point)
Many tribes used rituals as a form of retaliation against other tribes.
Many tribes did not believe in an afterlife.
Many tribes believed in performing certain actions to ensure they had enough food.**
Many tribes worshiped the sun and certain animals and birds.
11. Which purpose was NOT served by mounds? (1 point)
To provide protection
To provide a farming area**
To serve as part of a building
To provide a location for ceremonies
13. People visit Sewee Shell Ring and Spanish Mount in South Carolina to learn about (1 point)
14. The arrival of Europeans in North America brought an end to the prehistoric era because the Europeans (1 point)
encouraged American Indians to convert to a new religion.
forced the American Indians to leave their homes.**
kept written records about the American Indians.
built settlements where the American Indians lived.
15. Which of the following contributed to the failure of the first Spanish settlement in South Carolina, San Miguel de Gualdape? (1 point)
The Waccamaw River was not a safe place to settle.
Too many slaves were brought from Santo Domingo.
The Spanish settlers did not bring enough food.**
Francisco Gordillo captured American Indians and forced them into slavery.
16. The American Indians helped European settlements succeed by
(1 point)
selling their land to the settlers.
working as indentured servants for the settlers.
teaching settlers how to grow certain crops.
showing the settlers how to navigate waterways.**

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  1. I think you're correct on all except #14. Prehistory is before written accounts of events, or recorded history. On #16, you're correct, but European settlers also learned about native crops from the natives, so I'd accept either answer.

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