4. after creating a column heading and or typing text within a column what must you do to move text to the next column?
Add a column break
select the next column and start typing**
highlight the next column
change the page orientation

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  1. Ms. Sue could you please help me??

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  2. I depends on what program you are using. Do you want to duplicate the text in the next column, or cut and paste it from one column to the next? I'd cut and paste. To duplicate it, type it in again in the next column.

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  3. The answer was too add a column break. I didn't get the question because the quiz did not specify the program this question applied to.

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  4. 1. C
    2. D
    3. B.
    4. A

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  5. Haleyy is right.

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  6. I did the CCA quickcheck U2L3 and haleyy is right

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  7. Thank you Haleyy 100%

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  8. It did If you would've actually read your lesson you would have got it right, The answer is A, now that you've already got it wrong I can tell you, also the program was Microsoft word

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  9. Haleyy is right

    The answers are
    1.C Plot
    2.D Setting
    3.B Characters
    4.A Add a Column Break

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  10. cupcake is right

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