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A 25.0 mL aliquot of a well-shaken and filtered sample of river is pipetted into an evaporating dish. The sample was heated to dryness. Assume the density of the river water was 1.01g/mL. The following data were collected for Trial 1. Complete the data. Record values with the correct number of significant figures.

1. Mass of evaporating dish (g): 26.217
2. Mass of water sample plus evaporating dish (g): 51.467
3. Mass of water sample (g): 25.25g (THIS WAS WHAT I CALCULATED- IS IT RIGHT?)
4. Mass of dried sample plus evaporating dish (g): 35.291
5. Mass of dissolved solids in 25-mL aliquot of filtered sample (g): HOW DO I FIND THIS?
6. Mass of dissolved solids per total mass of sample (g solids/ g sample) show calculation..HOW DO I FIND THIS?
7. Total solids (g solids/ g sample, ppt). HOW DO I FIND THIS?

thank you!

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  1. part 3 is right.
    part 5 is 4-1
    part 6 is 5-3
    I don't understand the question for 7. g solids/g sample is the same as part 6.

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  2. question 5.6 and 7

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