so im wondering, what time do the main tutors log off of jiskha ? like some main tutors, reiny, damon, steve, ms. sue, and writeacher. i don't see any tutors that are answering the 9 current questions, but i know that writeacher is still on because he/she already answered my question at 11 pm.

asked by anon
  1. It entirely depends on the tutor. We are volunteers. We do have other things to do in our lives, although we enjoy helping students when we can. We also live in different time zones, so now, at 2:30 AM EDT, probably most tutors in the Eastern and Central time zones have logged off for the night. I'm on the west coast, so I can check in later, at 11:30 PM my time.

    posted by Reed
  2. ah, tanks for the clarification reed ! i wanted answers from other tutors so i know when to post questions as well, butt thank you for telling me your time zone and time. much appreciated

    posted by anon

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