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In reality, society is comprised of people that fall in one of three classes: lower, middle, and upper. Our occupation can automatically categorize us in one of these groups. The janitors to the doctors can fall respectively from the lower to the upper class. The way we think involuntarily in the sense of class is usual, because this is how society is structured.
Because society functions the way that it does, people generally separate themselves from the other two groups to which they do not belong. Barriers are essentially created among these three groups, and there is only interaction going on with the people in the same group. Until a year ago, I had never actually experienced what it was like to place myself in a completely different perspective in life. I went to the Loaves and Fishes Soup Kitchen not knowing where it was located or what it looked like. The high school’s organization in which I enrolled, California Scholastic Federation (CSF), scheduled that Saturday for the participants to go and help serve the food to the homeless.

It was my first time going there, and I had already had high expectations. I imagined that this place was some restaurant, where they needed some assistance; I did not stop to think that it was in some poor neighborhood, distant from other businesses. As my parent drove me there, I looked at the surrounding houses in that location. The houses were filthy and compact. Although I lived in the same city, it was a completely different area from where I lived. The nice, clean community and the beautiful two-story home that I lived in greatly contrasted this community and those homes.

I arrived at the soup kitchen, and the first thing I saw were homeless men, women, and children waiting outside for their breakfast. It amazed me to see how many of them there were. During my time at the soup kitchen, I was given the task to help take the family's plates to the table. Numbers were shouted out in Spanish and each family came up one by one to pick up their food when they heard their number. I helped the mom carry her little children’s plates. I looked into the eyes of the needy, and I could see how eager they were when their number was called to come and get their food. The families were later settled with their food set on the table, and I could see how happy they were when gathered and eating their meal. It was not everyday I see people show appreciation for the little, simple things in life. I thought to myself how wonderful the life of the homeless has been to be blessed with a home and healthcare. They must have been grateful for what they have been given.

From my observations, I noticed a big gap between my life and the life of the poor. I am not deprived of food or my daily necessities. I sometimes waste food without considering how the poor would have longed for the filling of food in their stomach. To them, the taste of the food is not their concern. The only thing that matters to them is fulfilling their needs to sustain themselves. Moreover, I do not value my daily necessities, as the poor would. Life is different when an individual is poor and started out with nothing. Only after generous donations, does the individual receive his or her essentials. That is probably why they show so much appreciation. Since I have had all my necessities throughout life, I never saw a reason to be grateful for what I have always possessed.

My visit to the soup kitchen allowed me to see that the circumstance that an individual experiences, influences how a person perceives his or her daily life. As part of the high-middle class, I base my views on “taste, values, ideas, style, and behavior” (Fussell 479), as I did when I observed the surrounding environment and the poor at the soup kitchen. Even so, I am still money-conscious. Although I am concerned about my money, I have a different prospective on money as an issue from the lower class. I am not worried about being able to afford food or finding a permanent place to live. My concern centers on my college tuition and the wise way to spend my money. For this reason, I see that the different standard of living affects how I think about money compared to the lower class. This is not to say that coming from a high-middle class, that I consider myself more refined and different. I do not discuss stock markets and my daily life over tea parties. My higher status and way of life are the only things that separate me from the rest of the lower class. If we disregard both of these values, the purposes of striving are similar.

The problem is that people do not accept the fact that there is some common focal point among the three classes. As a result, we continue to separate ourselves ignorantly from the other two classes. People feel that they will be looked down on and treated in a condescending matter. On the other hand, the reason may be that people fear that they will lose their reputation. The uncomfortable subject of class becomes something humans cover up and do not bring up. The subject of class is consequently left cryptic and obscure.

Nevertheless, there is no society without involving class into the system. As former Socialist and editor of the Partisan Review William Barrett, concludes, “The Classless Society looks more and more like Utopian illusion” (Fussell 482). With the different backgrounds and contributions to the world, there is no way there can be equality. A utopian world is a world that runs equally. If it is so, then what is of a world without people working at three different positions? After all, a utopian world runs equally. How would it thrive if all people held the same position? This means that no one will hold the other two remaining positions. A utopian world would collapse. It is an illusion. Ironically, society’s inequality allows society to function as a whole.

Bob, it seems like we both are on more than one helping site. See my response to the same post on PATH.

Thanks for asking.

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