At a carnival, you can try to ring a bell by striking a target with a 8.46-kg hammer. In response, a 0.411-kg metal piece is sent upward toward the bell, which is 5.22 m above. Suppose that 34.4 percent of the hammer's kinetic energy is used to do the work of sending the metal piece upward. How fast must the hammer be moving when it strikes the target so that the bell just barely rings

0.344m₁v²/2 = m₂gh


= 4.37 m/s

its still coming up wrong ?

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  1. (2•0.411•9.8•5.22/0.344•8.46)

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  2. work done on metal = m g h = .411*9.81*5.22
    = 21.05 Joules

    21.05 = .344 ke of hammer
    ke of hammer = 61.2 Joulesd

    (1/2) 8.46 v^2 = 61.2

    v^2 = 14.5
    v = 3.80 m/s

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