Katie typed a paper using Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word is a type of?
operating system (this one)
data storage device (or this one?)

Julian downloaded some music of the music he created to play for his friend. Julian's friend wore headphones to listen to the music. A set of headphones is:?
an input device***
an output device
a data storage device
a type of storage

  1. 8
asked by Aaliyah
  1. Both are incorrect.

    Use the search feature here to learn about computer terms:

    posted by Writeacher
  2. Could you tell me how they are wrong?

    posted by Aaliyah
  3. number 2 is b right?

    posted by Aaliyah
  4. operating system AKA, Windows or OSX or Linux or ?? -- did you look up this term in the link I gave you?
    software a program you put on a computer to do certain tasks
    hardware the monitor, keyboard, mouse, CPU, etc -- things you can see and touch!
    data storage device a hard drive (external or internal), a flash/thumb drive, a CD or DVD, a zip drive and its disks (old fashioned), floppy disks (very old fashioned)

    Look up the terminology. Read lots. Think. Then try again.

    posted by Writeacher
  5. Yes, 2 is b.

    posted by Writeacher
  6. number 1 is c?

    posted by Aaliyah
  7. No.

    That's two wrong guesses for #1. Now you're on your own.

    posted by Writeacher
  8. no please help I still need your help with more questions

    posted by Aaliyah
  9. please i still need help

    posted by Aaliyah
  10. number 1 is b

    posted by Aaliyah
  11. Word is a software program.

    posted by Damon
  12. Katie typed a paper using Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word is a type of software.

    posted by Aaron
  13. its one year later and your all wrong

    posted by super duty
  14. do you go to connections? @super duty

    posted by @ super duty
  15. 2 yrs later and ur all still wrong *facepalm*

    posted by SugarPie
  16. XDDD

    posted by Anonymous_potato
  17. 3 years later and you're still wrong

    posted by ugh
  18. 4 years later everyone is still wrong smh

    posted by jett
  19. Katie.. software
    Julian..output device
    Operating system commands and controls all hardware

    posted by Hal

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