-x^3(1-x^2)^-1/2 -2x(1-x^2)^1/2

Do I first start by getting rid of the negative exponents? I do not know where to begin. Please help.

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  1. I'd do it like this. Start by simplifying the numerator into a single fraction. You wouldn't have any trouble combing 2/3 - 7 would you?

    [-x^3/√(1-x^2) - 2x√(1-x^2)]/x
    =[(-x^3 - 2x(1-x^2))/√(1-x^2)]/x
    =(-x^3-2x+2x^3) / x√(1-x^2)
    = (x^3-2x) / x√(1-x^2)
    = (x^2-2)/√(1-x^2)

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