Trigonometry and Analysis

Oscar has twice as many pennies than he has dimes. All together he has $.84. How many dimes and pennies does he have?

I tried to solve this, but I know I did it wrong, because I got a decimal for the amount of dimes. Here's what I did:

.11D+ 0 =.82
____ ___
.11 .11

And this is where I stopped because I got the decimal. Could you guys please help?? Thanks.

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  1. X Dimes.
    2x Pennies.

    10*x + 1*2x = 84 Cents.
    12x = 84.
    X = 7 Dimes.

    2x = 2*7 = 14 Pennies.

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  2. Hmmm. How did you get through this step?


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  3. To avoid the decimals:
    $1.00 = 100 Cents.
    $0.84 = 84 Cents.
    0.01 = 1 Cent.

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