50% Rule: The repackaged vial or unit dose must have an expiration date placed on it; but it is not the same expiration date as what is on the stock bottle. You must take the date on the stock bottle and write the half way date between today’s date and the expiration date. But if the expiration date on the stock bottle is years and years, there is a max of one year that you write on the repackaged item.

If I comprehended this correctly ...does this means that if the original expiration date is 11/10/2010 and today's date is 8/21/2015 then the new expiration date would be between these two dates which is.....????

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  1. Sounds to me like the stock bottle's date will be in the future. If it's more than two years away, your item must still be labeled to expire in a year.

    If it's less than two years away, your item's date will be midway between today's date and the stock bottle's date.

    But that's just the way I read it. Looks like you have some research to do.

    If the stock bottle's date is in the past, you should not be issuing expired product anyway, right?

    Anyway, it sounds like a ploy to force purchasing of refills every year, whether the stock is expired or not.

    Like a glasses prescription. I broke an old pair of glasses, which were still providing good vision, but since their prescription was over a year old, I had to go see a doctor for a new prescription. For medication, I can sort of understand it, since maybe your medical needs have changed, but glasses? If I can see with them, why the heck should I have to go get a new prescription????

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