Good Evening Ms SUE,
Frankly I tried the below some as you said but still I am not getting the answer still i am getting the same answer as option A. 2 1/6 n I know this is wrong Mam if you don't mind can you check n tell where i am wrong and correct me please. Thank You
It takes Kasey 1 2/3 hours to bike the Woodlawn Trail. It takes her 3 5/6 hours to bike the Hammerside Trail. How many times as long does it take Kasey to bike the Hammerside Trail than the Woodlawn Trail ?

A. 2 1/6
B. 2 3/10
C. 2 1/3
D. 5 1/2

I am doing like this below

I did 1 2/3 3 5/6

3 5/6
- 1 4/6
2 1/6

I don't understand where i am wrong please explain me mam
Thank You

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  1. Don't subtract. Divide.

    1 2/3 = 5/3
    3 5/6 = 23/6

    (23/6) / (5/3)

    (23/6) * (3/5) = 69/30 = 2 9/30 = 2 3/10

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Thank you Ms Sue I really appreciated . Today i am very happy , now I understood what mistake I was doing all these days I was having sleepless night n was thinking how to solve, thanks a lot for your beautiful and kind help.
    thanks once again.

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  3. You're very welcome, Goutham.

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    Ms. Sue

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