Ligege secondary school mathematics

Factorize fully 2.1 5ac+10ab-25ad
2.2 4x(a+b)-3y(a+b) 2.3 ax-bx+2a-2b 3.1 2(x+y) -t (x+y)

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  1. 5ac+10ab-25ad = 5a(c+2b-5d)
    4x(a+b)-3y(a+b) = (4x-3y)(a+b)
    ax-bx+2a-2b = x(a-b)+2(a-b) = (x+2)(a-b)
    2(x+y)-t(x+y) = (2-t)(x+y)

    These are pretty straightforward. Look how they worked out, and try some more on your own. It just takes a little practice to get used to seeing the factors whioch can be pulled out.

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