Spanish 2

Dear Profesora, Can you check my answers?

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Grammar Questions: Choose the best answer to express the given statement or question.

Creo que el poema ______________ por Pablo Neruda.

fue escrito**
fuera escrito
unable to answer

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Elisa es la chica con ______________ hablaba la semana pasada.
unable to answer

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México D.F. es _______________ grande de todo el país.
no muy
la ciudad más
la mejor
una ciudad más **
unable to answer

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Mañana Paco y yo _______________ a Quito por avión.
voy a viajar
unable to answer

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Mi madre quiere que yo _______________ más legumbres.
comería **
unable to answer

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Es preciso que tú __________________ tan pronto posible.
saldrás **
unable to answer

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¿_____ Ud. vender su coche por cinco mil dólares?
Quieren **
unable to answer

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Sra. Ruiz, _______________ el número del teléfono en la guía telefónica, por favor (mandato formal).
busque **
unable to answer

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Era una lástima que nadie _______ la respuesta.
se sabe **
unable to answer

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Los estudiantes ya ____________________ su tarea.
hemos hecho
hicimos **
han hecho
unable to answer

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  1. I'll send this to SraJMcGin.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Careful with #13. The city is not bigger than the whole country, but is the largest city in the country = la ciudad más

    #14 = Mañana requires the Future, not the
    Past Subjunctive = viajaremos

    #15 is an example of "imposition of will" and reqires the Subjunctive, because one person wants another to do something = coma

    #16 Es preciso requires the Subjunctive. If you need a Review of when the use the Subjunctive, just ask. = salgas

    #17 First of all Ud. is singular so the verb must be also. The Conditional (would you like) is best = Querría

    #19 Era lástima requires the Subjunctive and because the main verb is Past Tense, the Subjunctive must be also =

    #20 "Ya" often takes the Present Perfect, as it does here = they have already done = han hecho

    Everything else was fine.


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  3. P.S. I flagged this and I'll come back later to see if you have additional questions.


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