All Brønsted-Lowry acids
A. are aqueous solutions.
B. can act as Arrhenius acids.
C. donate protons.
D. all of the above
I think it is D, but I also think it is c can you please tell me if either of these answers are right thanks

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  1. I think B is true. C is true. But A is not true; for example, NH3 is analogous to H2O in liquid NH3. Just as
    H2O + H2O ==> H3O^+ + OH^- in aqueous solution, then
    NH3 + NH3 ==> NH4^+ + NH2^- in liquid NH3. So I don't know about the answer. If it were D that is true only if A is true. The way your question is worded leads me to believe that only one answer is true so it can't be B AND C. Makes me think the answer is A and the person making up the question doesn't know A is not true.

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