Use the data in the table to determine how long it will take for half of the original amount of SO2Cl2 to decompose at the average reaction rate.

Experimental Data for SO2Cl2(g) β†’ SO2(g) + Cl2(g)
Time (min) [SO2Cl2](M) [SO2](M) [Cl2](M)
0.0 1.00 0.00 0.00
100.0 0.87 0.13 0.13
200.0 0.74 0.26 0.26
A. 285 min
B. 335 min
C. 385 min
D. 401 min
I need help I have narrowed it down to A and C

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asked by Chloe
  1. I did this but first you know it can't be A and it can't be D. B and C are the only possibilities and I did that by
    ..1.0...........0......0.......0 min
    0.87...........0.13...0.13.....100 min
    0.74...........0.26...0.26.....200 min
    0.61...........0.39...0.39.....300 min
    0.48...........0.52...0.52.....400 min

    So it MUST be < 400 s (D is out) and it CAN'T be < 300 s(A is out). You don't need any of this table; I just thought it was nice to draw out to get an approximate answer.
    For the average rate you have a change of 0.13/100 min = 0.0013/min.
    Therefore, You want SO2Cl2 to be 0.5 which means both SO2 and Cl2 will be 0.5. So 0.0013/min x (min) = 0.5 and solve for min.

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    posted by DrBob222

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