Creating artwork that showed scenes of everyday life was very different from what was normally painted in the late 1800s This change in style allowed the artist to be more

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  1. Yes, incomplete. More what? Are you supposed to fill in the blank? Nineteenth century realism began before the "late" 1800s, and continued even as the impressionists gained popularity, so I don't even understand the question and/or statement as written, even incompletely.

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  2. The student seems to be copying and pasting questions here, but either forgets to copy and paste the answer choices, or doesn't realize that numbered or bulletted lists (such as in a multiple choice format) will not always paste successfully.

    Lazy student ... not to type the choices in. =(

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  3. wait I can provide the answers listed!
    A.) Common
    B.) Traditional
    C.) Creative
    D.) Boring.

    Please help me :)

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  4. the answer is B) Creative. :)

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  5. OKay, just to clear this up...the answer is C) Creative. Also you might have other questions if you are in Connections. And here they are.
    Trust my answers, I'm not one of those people to give wrong answers to people on purpose for my own pleasure.

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  6. Dustin is right! I just got 100%, and I wouldn't lie about that at all. >:^(

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  7. It is true dustin is right.

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  8. yazzzzz thx Dustin i got a 100%

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  9. Dustin appears to be correct. But unless you want to get in trouble from teachers, I recommend you explain the answers so you're helping and not just giving us free answers. That's why I usually look these things up anyways. Not to argue or anything, I just don't want anyone getting in trouble.

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