for a person who has so many experiences and like to change jobs; on the objective--how would you states if you you want to advance for better advance in accounting or finance field?

Please advise.

This is an excellent webpage from which to start in various professional writing tasks (scroll up and down), including a resume.

Click on the link for Objective Statements, read through it, and then try the objective statement exercise.

Then please re-post and let us know what you come up with. We'll be happy to give you feedback on your statement.


To obtain an accounting/finance position with opportunity for growth and advancement.

Here is what I wonder: What is your final objective? What do you mean by growth? By advancement? Do you have any idea what you want to be when you are at the end?
Our objectives are hard to see clearly, but "growth" and "advancement" are less clear than that. Think on these for example...
I want a position that can lead to decision making management level, to be able to chart the course and manage it for a large company, giving my years of growing responsibility.
I want to be able to work in an advancement path ahead that will enable growth in the financial management of large textile firms.

While you are at it, you might jot down some objectives for life, for instance:
To serve and worship the Lord, and to help others.
To be known as a generous spirit, providing opportunity for others, especially the less fortunant.
To be an effective, loving, nuturing parent.

While these won't go on your resume, they do help you know how your resume fits in with your life plans. One can never achieve Karma unless it all fits nicely together.
Good luck.

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